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Hello HAPPY people!

BIG news out of JH Headquarters. Apparently, we write now. 

We’re not sure how good we’ll be at it and yet, there’s so much we have to say...

Things change pretty quickly around here, and we try to be like ducks - calm and peaceful on the surface but paddling like heck below.  For those of you that want a view into what’s happening beneath the surface or get a heads up into what is about to come to the surface, this is the place for you. 

We’ve even coined a fancy name for our new blog – The JH Journal.  

In said journal, you’ll hear from Jon Hart insiders as well as outside experts.  We’ll talk about products, tips of the trade, and even give you a view into how things work around here. And the truth is, no matter how long you have been a customer, you will be amazed by some of the behind the scenes things we are going to share!

Our goal is to share something new at least twice a month… although as we’ve brainstormed all the things we want to write about, we could probably post daily. 

Here is a sample of the things we plan to write about over the next couple of months:

·         NEW PRODUCT! from Jon Hart
·         How It’s Made
·         Retailer & Artisan Features
·         How to Care for Your Bag
·         Top 20 Items
·         Gift Giving Guides
·         Contests & Giveaways

So, buckle up people, and prepare to be amazed… Or at least intrigued.

We can’t wait to bring you into our world!!!

The JH Family


  1. Does Jon Hart still make the computer bags?

    If they do is it a special order item?


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