Clear Bags. Full Hearts. Can't Lose.

Hello HAPPY people!

In case you didn’t catch that Friday Night Lights reference… We have an announcement… And it’s CLEAR.

We will be launching a BRAND NEW CLEAR BACKPACK this summer!!! #score

For those of you familiar with the brand, we used to make one back in the day that got discontinued. But never fear; we’ve been working around the clock to redesign it and provide you with the most top-notch, personalized Clear Backpack on the market!


Much like our other clear items, the Clear Backpack is composed of PVC plastic and trimmed in vinyl coated canvas and all-natural veg leather.
It features a fully-clear side pocket, as well as a large zippered front pocket to store the small stuff.
The top panel that houses the hanging loop, and back straps has been extra fortified with thicker PVC to hold more weight.


Not only have the padded shoulder straps been upgraded to a much thicker, more comfortable fit, but also proudly display our JH logo. Another upgrade has been made to the adjustable buckles for ease in tightening/loosening.
And lastly, our Clear Backpack features NEW branded zipper pulls that have been redesigned to withstand more pressure and last much longer.


When we say our product is heirloom quality: we mean it! Okay, so you probably won’t be passing down your JH Clear Backpack to your granddaughter but hey, you can most definitely pass down your love of monogramming EVERYTHING and all things #jonhart 😊
For the next month or so, we will be sending our Clear Backpack on a roadshow to our retailers for you all to see in person! If you’d like to checkout the schedule and see if one may be visiting a town near you, click the link below:
Clear Backpacks will be available for pre-order JULY 1ST and will start shipping out AUGUST 10TH  so mark it down on the calendar, set an alarm on your phone, or utilize the never-failing strategy of the fridge post-it!

We hope you LOVE the improvements made to the NEW Clear Backpack and we cannot wait to see the new school year pics rockin’ our bag!

The JH Family


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