Top Trends for 2019

Hello HAPPY people!
Today we’re going to dive into some of the top trends that we’ve been seeing this year. We’ve compiled a list of some of our faves below.

1.)    Made in the USA
Bringing business back stateside seems to be a popular goal this year for many companies. We are so proud to say that we’ve never taken our business overseas! By supporting brands that are made in the USA, workers remain employed and our economy thrives. Many retailers highlight their made in America products, which carries huge marketing potential and often affects the success of a product. It’s also becoming more important to the next generation to give made in America gifts. There’s just something about handmade products that make you feel special so be on the lookout for local retailers that stock up on USAmade items and support other small businesses.

2.)    Camo is the new black
Camouflage has made its way back into the ranks and is leading the front when it comes to 2019 hot fashion trends. Trend-setters everywhere are seeking out camo as their go-to print to buy this year! Whether in clothing, shoes, scarves, or even home décor, camo has definitely impacted the fashion scene. It’s no longer just for hunters! We are so excited to bring back our beloved classic camo print in the items that we handmake and are so pleased with the response that we’ve had for it so far. We especially love how well it pairs as color combinations with our other top performers such as Rose, Black, & Navy.

3.)    Clear is here to stay
Clear items seem to be on everyone’s list to purchase this year. The majority of all stadiums, concert venues, schools, and large public events have initiated a clear bag policy within the last 2 years. With more and more venues following in their footsteps requiring clear bags for stadiums and even clear bags for work, retailers are scouting their options and showcasing their clear bag offerings. We have seen so much excitement stemming from the launch of our new Tourney Tote, and we expect the JH clear bag line to be expanding even more throughout the next few months.

4.)    Making it personal
Personalization has always been popular, especially in the south, but this year we feel it’s taking on a whole new level. With the rise in popularity for gifts like letter boards, 2019 is going to be a break out year for anything customized. Monograms, hashtags, and quirky sayings help us form a bond with our amazing JH customers. This special selling point allows for them to apply their own unique touch and meaning to their bags through monogram initials or a monogram logo. It also helps them to win at gift-giving by adding a personal touch every time – personalized gifts are worth it every time!

5.)    Spring into coral
Coral is the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year! Coral is just a 1st quarter seasonal color for JH, meaning you can only purchase Coral through one of our authorized JH Retailers this season. If Coral happens to be your collection color, don’t fret! Our Coral color pairs great with other colors in our lineup such as Slate, Saddle, & Navy! We also still have plenty of stock in handmade Coral items that are available for purchase by a Retailer. So grab your keys, head on over to your favorite boutique that carries JH, and order all the Coral you want before it’s gone!

Knowing that we’re in sync with the top 5 trends of 2019 is a great sign of the amazing year ahead! What trends have you been seeing that didn’t make it on our list? Comment below!
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